Comparing the Food

Topics: Security, Food, China Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: January 25, 2013
The global economy has caused many changes in most cultures, such as food. Now, highquality food is imported to many countries from anywhere. In order to compare the food between China and Australia, this essay will outline similarities such as variety choices, fast food and certain vegetables, as well as showing how they differ in freshness, safe and prices. There are several main similarities in food between Australia and China. First of all, they both have variety choices of food. For example, people can buy much different kind of seafood, vegetables, poultries, quadrupedalism in these two countries. In addition, they have a lot of same type of vegetables. Many Chinese immigrants bring the seeds to Australia from China through the legal way for planting. Finally, they both eat fast food, like Kentucky, McDonald and Pizzahut. In China, the first McDonald’s restaurant was opened at Shenzhen in 1990 and then huge amounts of fast food restaurant were opened in quick succession. One the other hand, there are also some differences in food between Australia and China. Firstly, certain food is fresher in China. Most Chinese markets offer fish and chickens which are alive. Furthermore, the food in Australia is safer. The food security in china has greatly impacted by the pollution and over using farm chemical while Australia don not has much pollution. Lastly, the prices of food in Australia are much higher than in China. For instance, a McDonald hamburger costs around 1.5 dollars, whereas it could be 3 times of that in Australia. This condition as well as happened in many other food. To summarise, this essay has discussed the similarities and differences in food between Australia and China. It has shown that both have variety food, fast food and certain vegetables. It also has shown that the food has differences between freshness, food security, and costs. Obviously, Chinese and Australian nowadays can buy much delicious food, but the most...
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