Comparing the Effectiveness of Punishment versus Rehabilitation

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Comparing the Effectiveness of Punishment versus Rehabilitation


Comparing the Effectiveness of Punishment versus Rehabilitation Two objectives in the criminal justice system are that of rehabilitation and punishment, and society reserves high expectations the system will live up to those expectations. Everyone in the criminal justice field and the public have ideas and opinions on what will work and what will not work when it comes time to punish or rehabilitate criminals, and there are pros and cons to this debate. The rehabilitation of prisoners is focused on reforming the offenders’ character to not reoffend and takes place both inside the prison and sometimes after the offender has been released. In the prisons offenders have the opportunity to reform themselves by participating in the programs such as drug abuse, anger management, other positive programs, and receiving an education. Once released help continues for the offenders by probation services, and other services to ease the transition into the community. Rehabilitation in prisons had not been successful as expected due to overcrowding affecting the focus of rehabilitation for offenders. Crowded classrooms discourage offenders to attend, but is also an opportunity for offenders to carry out any violent acts toward other offenders. This also places instructors in danger, therefor rehabilitation classes are no longer provided. Another downfall for not having successful rehabilitation in prisons is longer sentences, lack of education, and offenders suffering from social skills or psychological problems. The idea that prisons are not intended to rehabilitate but rather only to punish criminals and to protect the public retain the support of society in some areas. Despite offenders having retained some rehabilitation in prison it is difficult for some offenders to continue their rehabilitation programs because of the attitudes of society. Although there are programs to help former...
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