Comparing the Crucible and the Mccarthy Hearings

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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A difference in time, but a parallel atrocity: The Crucible and the McCarthy hearings I. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and the McCarthy hearings. A. Throughout America’s history, suspicion has risen, from witch accusations to Soviet Union communists, that doubt society’s norm. B. In 1962, the Massachusetts puritans engaged in a horrific and hectic hunt for witches. C. In post World War two America, the second red scare occurred; Senator Joseph McCarthy sought after communists that leaked information to the Soviets D. Through deadly persecution of innocent citizens, selfish judicial rulings, and a deadly strike of fear, the dangers surrounding citizens is seen in both The Crucible and the McCarthy hearings. II. Both events involved the persecution of innocent people, showing the dangers surrounding citizens. A. Persecution in The Crucible of innocent people.

1. Elizabeth Proctor is persecuted for witchcraft
a. Abigail Williams, a maniacal teenage girl who loves Elizabeth’s husband, sets up a scandal by placing a voodoo doll in the Proctor house, then faking an injury 2. John Proctor, who knows the truth and is fed up with Abigail Williams, falsely confesses to witchcraft, although innocent, and is eventually killed. B. Persecution in the McCarthy hearings of innocent people. 1. The “Hollywood Ten,” a group of actors, directors, and cinema workers, were blacklisted as a direct result of the McCarthy a. U.S. government said their movies had hidden communist themes and messages, which was falsely took as an attempt to go against the government. b. No evidence was actually presented to prove any acts to destroy the government; some members were persecuted for their extremist political views. 2. McCarthy interrogated many people for supposedly secretly giving valuable information to the communist countries. c. No evidence was presented, only false, malice-written reports on left-sided political beliefs....
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