Comparing the Coolant Effects of Dry Ice and Ice

Topics: Ice, Dry ice, Heat Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: August 7, 2012
Christy Light
Period 2
“Comparing the Coolant Effects of Dry Ice and Ice”
What we learned in this lab is how to compare the abilities of dry ice and solid water to act as heat absorbers. This mean that we had to compare which substance had the better result of absorbing more heat. We also learned to determine which substance was the most cost effective. We also learned how to determine the amount of heat each substance absorbed and compare which one absorbed the most heat. The first thing we did was heat roughly about 250 mL of water. We then grabbed two Styrofoam cups and measure the mass of both of them. We then added about 57.83 mL of heated water in the stacked cups and re-measured them. We but the Styrofoam ball on top and recorded the temperature 45 C. We then weighed a plastic cup and filled it with 15.26g of crushed dry ice and weighed it again. We then put the dry ice and waited 4 minutes then recorded the final temperature 7 C. For the next part we did the same steps but put in 20.90 g of ice and recorded the temperature of the water 40 C. We then put the ice in and stirred it and recorded the temperature 21 C. At the end of the experiment we found out that dry ice absorbed 9186J of heat, while regular ice only absorbed 7050J of heat. This means that dry ice absorbed more heat than regular ice. This also helped us determine which one was more cost effective. We learned that dry ice is more cost effective because you only need a little of the dry ice and it can still absorb more heat than regular ice. Overall, we learned that dry is more effective in absorbing heat and saving money.
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