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CBA and Welton are similar and different in many ways, CBA is almost a more modern version of Welton. As society eases up I think so do the school systems, people accept more things over time and that’s what happened to Welton and made it more like CBA.

Welton was an extremely strict school that stuck to the four pillars kind of like the way that CBA looks at its handbook. Welton guidelines were the four pillars that were tradition, excellence, honor, and discipline. CBA has no pillars but they have a handbook that is almost like the schools bible how the Four pillars was Weltons guidelines. I think the schools are similar in the way of how they use things like pillars and handbook to run the school but I think that Weltons pillars are more prestigious.

I don’t think that CBA lives up to the four pillars set up by Welton. I think that Welton was a lot more honorable and a more respectable. Welton gives their students freedom but expects more from their students than CBA dose. I think that CBA takes school just as seriously as Welton dose but Welton is still a much more prestigious school than CBA is. CBA is far from being the same school as Welton is, Welton is almost like a small college but in a high school, in that setting I think it is a lot easier to control your students because they don’t really get a outside influence.

Welton takes their pillars more seriously than CBA dose like tradition, that was a big part in the movie with Welton. Being a Welton graduate meant a lot even after you left the school and the students looked up to the graduates. At CBA I don’t think I could say the same thing tradition in my opinion doesn’t really mean anything to CBA it just mean that you have a education from there and that dose not matter to the once you graduate. And thing like discipline don’t mean much once you step off the grounds of CBA you are no longer under there rules which is complete different from Welton because your on the...
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