Comparing Plato's "The Myth of the Cave" to Our Everyday Influences

Topics: Smoking, Tobacco smoking, Nicotine Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Is it true that from the first day you were born until the day you die you are surrounded by false shadows-false shadows that are made by our peers in order to keep us from making our own decisions and realizations? According to “The Myth of the Cave” written by Plato, that is exactly how the world works. From my standing point I couldn’t agree more. Our society is constantly being manipulated. Whether it’s by false advertisements or somebody else’s behavior, society is constantly controlling the way we think.

For example, television advertisement is telling our young and mature women they can be beautiful and near goddess like if they simply buy their company’s product. From what I’ve seen as long as I buy Covergirls™ latest wrinkle cream I’ll never age a day in my life and I’ll look remarkable similar to the model advertising it. Not only women are being effected by this “image” but men too. Another example of these false advertisements are the Axe Deodorant™ commercials that are constantly implying to men that as long as they buy this particular deodorant and use it they’ll have dozens of beautiful women crawling on them all at once. I can’t be certain but I don’t believe this has ever happened to an Axe Deodorant™ purchaser. These are just a few of the many shadows controlling the way we live.

In Plato’s analogy he uses a man that has freed himself from the former way of seeing life. Plato asks if the man will be baffled by these unfamiliar things he has never seen before and wonders if the man will continue to fancy the shadows he has formerly seen as being more creditable then the objects which are now being shown to him. Plato goes on continuing to wonder if this man will be intimidated by the more true, better things in life and go back to his former way of living-under the influence of the shadows shown before him. This is the perfect analogy of a person on their road to redemption. Plato’s analogy exemplifies situations when there is a member in a...
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