Comparing of Texas A and M University College Station, and Stanford University

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  • Published : August 31, 2011
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College: probably one of the most stressful, exciting, influential, and bittersweet phases young adults experience in their lifetime. Attending a university is a significant objective for many high school teenagers across the nation; however, the true student desire involves selecting preferable colleges to attend. Although the actual acceptance is always a gamble, it is essential that aspiring students apply to colleges best suited for them in their particular situation. This “person-specific” aspect must be considered when researching any colleges, especially Texas A&M University College Station and Stanford University. As one in-state Texas university and one out-of-state college, Texas A&M University and Stanford University are two schools on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. This is true not only on their well-known academic levels but essentially through the universities’ admission processes, student life, and expenses. When considering which of the two is the “better” college, these various categories must be accurately researched and evaluated. The admission procedure is considered by many as the most dreadful, tedious, and difficult parts of a student’s pre-college life. This opinion has remained over the years because of the specifications and requirements of each application for each individual university. When looking at Texas A&M University College Station, there are several ways to be admitted. The school requires that all students “successfully complete the recommended or advanced high school program, …a curriculum that is equivalent… or… satisfy the College Readiness Benchmarks on the SAT or ACT assessment” (“Office of Admissions”). In addition, Texas A&M grants automatic admission to Texas high school students whom “rank in the top 10% of their graduating class” (“Office of Admissions”) or earn a minimum of a certain SAT or ACT score (“Office of Admissions”). Stanford University similarly consists of a fairly typical undergraduate...
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