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Comparing Natural Disasters

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Comparing Natural Disasters

  • June 2008
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In the past century a lot has happened, including two world known natural disasters, Hurricane Galveston of the 1900’s and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. These hurricanes have left a huge impact on the people and the towns they have destroyed. Natural disasters come far and few between but are happening unexpectedly all over the world. Hurricanes are huge natural disasters that come and go in a matter of hours, but leave enough damage to affect entire towns and the people who live in them. Not only do these hurricanes affect the people that get hurt by them, but also everyone around them, and even the people on other sides of the world.

Despite the fact that Hurricane Galveston and Hurricane Katrina took place a century apart they have more differences but are similar in several ways. Both of these hurricanes started out similar as tropical storms, and had very similar paths although Katrina barely passed through South Florida, while Galveston had made its way below the state skimming the Florida Keys. Hurricanes can be very unpredictable at times, which explains why both went against their original projected paths. Both hurricanes intensified in the Gulf of Mexico just before they made landfall. The only difference at this point was that Hurricane Galveston had hit Texas and Hurricane Katrina had hit New Orleans, Louisiana. This all happened within weeks of the month and 105 years apart.

These hurricanes both destroyed the biggest cities in their state at the time, leaving many people without food, drinking water, or even their homes. Galveston, Texas, was well known at this time to be the head cotton market of the south. While, New Orleans in 2005 was known for its elite hotels and hot spot tourist attractions. Both of these two cities have an incredibly low sea level, at the highest point between both of them being 9ft. above sea level. Hurricanes as powerful as these are well known to have many casualties. The death toll of both hurricanes...

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