Comparing Modern Songs to Blues

Topics: Blues, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: April 8, 2012
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Paper #2
Song Choices:
“Dreaming With a Broken Heart” by John Mayer
“’I Feel Like Dying” by Lil’ Wayne
“Grace is Gone” by the Dave Matthews Band
“Story of a girl” by Matchbook Romance
The four songs that I chose for this paper are all composed by new artists that have arrived on the music scene well after the blues era ended. Obviously these songs are not a direct result of the blues era. However, I think that each of them embodies the core qualities of blues music. I believe a huge part of the blue’s genre involves the central themes of loss, depression, and loneliness. Although the actual era in which blues music was popular is now over, the core themes and ideas of blue music can still be found all over today’s music scene. Although that style of music is not popular, especially amongst today’s youth, the fact that the messages that were delivered in those songs are still incredibly popular speaks wonders for what the blues artists created. The first song I chose, “Grace is Gone” by the Dave Matthews Band, tells the story of a person who had fallen in love and was left by the other person and is now extremely bitter. The vivid lyrics of this song paint a picture of loss, loneliness and sorrow, and help to portray a strong central theme of hopelessness and depression. The line, “Excuse me please, one more drink can you make it strong because I don’t need to think. She broke my heart my grace is gone,” is a great example of the use of the vivid language that can be found in the blues. The writer uses the fact that he is drowning his sorrows in alcohol, mixed with the depression caused by the women leaving him. It is very dark and oppressive. All of these strong emotions and vivid imagery is certainly homage to the blues era. My next song is called “Dreaming With a Broken Heart” by John Mayer. Here the writer is experiencing a strong loneliness in his life after a difficult break up. The lyrics in this song, though not as vivid...
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