Comparing Mobile Phone Usage in Uk and Tanzania

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Salman Sorathia 12MB
“97% of people surveyed in Tanzania said they could access a mobile phone” In this Report I will be studying Mobile Phone Usage in Tanzania and in the UK, and then I will compare those two countries. “Mobile phone use in Africa is growing faster than anywhere else in the world.” Mobile phones in Africa have completely revolutionized this continent. "The result is explosive growth - 5,000% in Africa between 1998 and 2003." The research also showed that mobile technologies have leaped over old technologies. In Tanzania even fishermen use mobile phones to check for market prices, and if the market prices are too low or there are too many fish in Zanzibar then they travel from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam (Capital of Tanzania) where they can sell it for a higher price. 1 in 10 houses have electricity, so that tells us clearly that they have given more priority to cell phones. Apart from communicating with distant friends and relatives, other benefits include enabling farmers to get reliable information on markets for their produce, while traders are enabled to easily strike local and international business deals. Back in Zanzibar, the latest product by the island's cell phone operator, Zantel, looked traditional, but its fixed-style phone for homes will not connect by either copper wire or even fibre optics. Mohammed Salim, the CEO of Zantel, explains: "Our strategy is not to go on fibre-optics or copper wires, because that is too expensive. Instead they are thinking to go through the CMDA, its a wireless system which is cheaper and effective running out to the rural areas, and the cities. Even before they expand, they subscriber’s are increasing 25% every year. The number of mobile phone users in Tanzania has increased by more than 30 times between 2000 and 2006. The number of people who mobile phones in the east African country has reached 3.8 million, up from 126,646 people back in 2000. The company of Vodacom boasts of the lion's share of...
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