Comparing Memories

Topics: Memory, Memory processes, Episodic memory Pages: 4 (1545 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Comparing Memories
The memory I have chosen for this paper is one in which I was in the fifth grade, and happened eleven years ago when I was ten years old. The other perspective besides my own that I will be comparing is my dad’s, who was the only other family member who was their when it happened. Here is the event as I remember it happening “I was in grade five and I had recently made the basketball team. After school we would have practice at four o’clock, however we got out of classes at three so all of the players on the team were supposed to go to the after school program so we could be supervised until our practice started. One day some of my friends on the team and I decided to go across the street to shoot some hoops while we waited for our practice to start. Now of course this was not allowed but being young kids we thought we could get away with it. As we were playing, one of the balls rolled off the court, down a hill, and into a small creek. We stopped our game and we all went to retrieve the stray ball. As I was walking towards the ball I heard someone behind me yell out my name. Without hesitation I turn my head around to see my dad standing on the side walk next to his car. My heart immediately dropped into my stomach as I knew I had been caught. As I ran over to my dad I remember thinking to myself that he only spotted me because of the hoodie I was wearing, my dad had bought it for me on a trip and it was probably the only one in the state of Colorado. When I arrived to where my dad was standing he proceeded to ask me what I thought I was doing off school grounds when I was supposed to be in the after school program. When I didn’t have an answer for him he told me that I was in very big trouble. I thought that of course I would be grounded and that would be it, but was I ever wrong. My dad told me to get in the car where I sat down next to my brother and sister and remember a sudden rush of embarrassment. We then drove back to...
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