Comparing Literature, Story of an Hour & the Necklace

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  • Published : April 25, 2010
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Assignment XX

1: Write a 200 word response on why you picked the literature that you chose. This can be in first person and informal.

I selected my choice of literature from the list rather quick because I leaped at the opportunity to once again write about the “Story of an Hour.” Of all the short stories that I have read in our book thus far, this story by far is the story that I enjoyed the most. I think this is because the ending took me a little by surprise, and believe it or not I found the ending somewhat humorous. I thought the tables had now turned in favor of the husband who probably felt the same she did after she found out that he died. Other words, he was probably the one who was relieved now. The second piece of literature chosen, “The Necklace,” was chosen because it was simply linked to my first choice. I immediately read “The Necklace” after making my choice. To my surprise, I enjoyed this story as well but the beginning seemed to drag on a little too much. The story started with a drawn out description of the woman and her fascination of the rich. I felt that this could have shortened some but all in all I enjoyed this story as well. I’m satisfied with my selection and feel that these two stories will prove well in providing a comparison.  

2: List your thesis statement. This should be one sentence and it should focus on the literature.

Mrs. Mallard and Mme Loisel had different desires but both found happiness for a brief period of time that was quickly stolen away.  3. Read pages 96-99 in your textbook and then list:
a. An idea from the literature that you can compare. Create a topic sentence that can be supported by a full paragraph of analysis and or examples or quotes from the textbook or your research.

“The story of an Hour” and “The Necklace,” Mrs. Mallard and Mme Loisel are two women who live on separate continents but share somewhat equal moments of sadness within their lifetime. b....
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