Comparing life story of myself and Ruth being a pastor's kid.

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  • Published: July 17, 2003
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I hate being a pastor's kid, or at least that is what I used to say. Being a pastor's kid is not a desirable appointment in life. It is not without it benefits in that one can stay abreast of biblical discoveries and theological trends more than the average Joe, however, a part from that it is an unfortunate path. In the autobiography " The Color of Water" by James McBride, talks about his mother Ruth, who was a daughter of a Jewish preacher and a rabbi, struggles with her strict, religious, and self-dominant father who was as hard as a rock. I, as a pastor's daughter, had similar experiences as Ruth struggling with the status of being a preacher's daughter, but I also had many good things that influenced my life to really experience and truly know God.

I was strictly nominal throughout my youth at my dad's church. I have always been known as a "PK"(Pastor's kid). When I think about this label, a lot of struggles and blessing come to mind. I have grown up in a great and loving family, unlike Ruth's family, where she didn't receive love throughout her childhood. But I was loved. I was also lucky enough to be able to say that my parents love the Lord. However because of who my dad was, I remember the frustration of not being introduced as Helen Kim, but rather as Pastor Kim's daughter. I struggled incredibly with who I was. And the frustration of overloaded expectations that gave me a severe pressure. People expected me to be a perfect little Christian girl, when I wanted to be normal around people and my piers. In the book "The color of Water", Ruth also went through the similar experiences. Her dad, a rabbi didn't want Ruth to go to gentile school, but she ended up going there. She was not allowed to have gentile friends. That was forbidden, aveyre . She was always watched over and bounded by her dad's religious aspect, which her life living standard was different from other kids in her age. Her dad would put fear of God into her. On the outside I was a...
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