Comparing ERG Theory and Maslow's Hierarchy

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  • Published : November 2, 2012
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Describe the similarities and differences between the ERG Theory and Maslow's Hierarchy. How have you used either of the two theories in daily life? Respond to at least two of your peers for this posting.

Maslow’s Hierarchy is a need-based system. He believed that there was a hierarchy of need and an individual would remain at his current level until that particular need was satisfied. If the current need is not met, then the individual would not advance to the next stage. The five stages of needs, in order, in Maslow’s Hierarchy are: * Physiological Needs

* Safety Needs
* Social Needs
* Esteem Needs
* Self-Actualization
In Alderfer‘s ERG Theory, has only three stages of need. The three stages are: * Existence Needs-needs include those consisted with physical well-being * Relatedness Needs-need for social interactions with others * Growth Needs-need for personal growth and social development Differences between the two theories include that Maslow’s Hierarchy has five needs, while ERG Theory has only three. Also, ERG Theory allows for more than one need to occur simultaneously, while Maslow’s Hierarchy needs are completed in specific stages, that must occur, in order. Similarities, between the two, include the fact that they are both have a pyramid/triangular appearance and are hierarchical. I feel that I can relate more with the ERG Theory than Maslow’s Hierarchy. At times, if my relatedness needs are being met, then it helps me with my existence needs. I believe that they only correlate to each other to a certain extent.
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