Comparing Educational Theorists

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When going into your own classroom as a transitional licensed teacher, theories are often overlooked. However, they are very important when developing a proper classroom management plan. Throughout the duration of this course, many theorists were introduced to give a broader insight and ideas as to how to create a successful classroom management plan. This paper will introduce two of those theorists, the ideas behind their theory, and ways I hope to introduce pieces of each theory into my own classroom. By doing this, I hope to become a more successful and prepared teacher as a way to better educate tomorrow’s leaders.

Throughout Education 320, many theorists have been discussed. Learning of these theorists has given myself an insight of how to become a better educator to the children in my classroom. There is no one theorist that I could truly say, “That is exactly how I want my class ran”, rather many ideas from several theorists that I can pick and choose to create a management plan that fits myself as a teacher. Teachers are always looking for new ideas to help create a more productive classroom management plan. Two theorists that I really enjoyed and could gather ideas from would be Thomas Gordon and B.F. Skinner. These two theorists are two of the more popular theorists, and for great reason. Their ideas are incorporated into many classrooms nation wide. The ideas between the two theories compare and contrast in many ways, and many of my ideas to use in the classroom come from both Gordon and Skinner.

Thomas Gordon’s theory is Teacher Effectiveness Training. “Gordon has developed a classroom management model that focuses on character training rather than rewards and punishments. The focus of this method of managing student behavior is mutual respect and lack of dictatorship in the leadership role. Instead, the teacher is an equal with the students and manages behavior through mutual agreements and...
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