Comparing Eastern and Abrahamic Religions

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Compare and Contrast Eastern and Abrahamic Religions
* Abrahamic religions are dualistic: they believe in two kinds of reality- the material and nonmaterial. On the other hand, the Eastern religions believe mostly in one kind of reality. * In the Eastern religions, sentient beings have value because any of them could be reincarnated souls. But in Abrahamic religions, a clear distinction is made between humans and the rest of the world. It is humanity that it at the center of creation. * In Abrahamic religions, all things were created by God, and it is God who will someday end things as they are. However, Eastern religions mostly believe that the universe is non-created and is eternal. * The principle of Karma is what the Eastern religions use to explain many of the bad things that happen in life. Things are the way they are because how one lived in a previous life. The Abrahamic religions, on the other hand, explain the bad things that happen in life in terms of reaping and sowing, and the original sin of Adam and Eve. * In the Abrahamic religions, there is the belief that a person gets only one life to live right, and then he or she can attain a reward at the end of life. So sin is taken very seriously. The religions of the East teach that one gets many life times to make things right. There is always a chance for liberation. So sin is not taken as seriously as in the Abrahamic religions- though they all fear building up bad Karma. * In the Eastern religions, it mostly through enlightenment that humans become better. Knowledge is paramount; looking within is the key. However, the Abrahamic religions emphasize enlightenment through getting closer to God. Reading his word and obeying him all contribute to a true kind of enlightenment and eternal rewards at the end of this life. * Eastern religions teach the concept of Dharma- which a personal duty of all humans. Dharma is also considered to be the basic principles of the cosmos. But, again,...
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