Comparing Dog and Child

Topics: Education, Developmental psychology, Teacher Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Caring for a dog and caring for a child
Many comparisons between a dog and a child could be shown in many different aspects. With discipline, medical, educational and love and affection have similarities between the two, it could be easy to care for each one of them. Having the understanding and patients to care for either one could lead up to having a wonderful and health life.

First, if a person has a dog or a child, it would be logical to say this person likes or loves any one of these two. Love and affection towards any of these two is not just that. A person would have to provide the basic needs such as food, water, shelter and a clean and safe environment. A person or any person should know that a dog or a child could die if majority of these basic needs were not met or kept up. For an example, if the parent or owners decide to leave out of town, they could not just leave the dog or a child by his or her self alone in a home without food or water. The dog and the child would starve and seriously be malnutrition and going to hospital and having the law enforcers to take the dog and or the child away for abandonment.

Second would be the medical attention they any person would need to provide for a dog and/or a child. Just like a child needs to be seen by a physician to meet his or her medical needs; a Veterinarian performs the same duties for a dog. Taking either a dog or a child, she or he would have made an effort to get their vaccinations, yearly checkups, checking for illness and hygiene. With both dog and child their weight, height and age are recorded in their medical records for future references. Not keeping up with the dog’s or child’s medical needs could also lead up to major problems either with the Physician, Veterinarian or even with the local law enforcements.

Next is the education level, which would be where both child and dog would learn potty training, language, and basic commands. Potty training a dog and a child is...
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