Comparing Business Processes

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Comparing Business Processes

Business method is a collection of connected, prearranged actions or tasks that make a precise service or manufactured goods for a particular client or clientele. It often can be imagined with a flowchart as a chain of activities with decision points or with a course template as a series of actions with significant rules based on the information in development.

Business process is a network of activities that generate value by transforming inputs into outputs. (Kroenke, 2013).A good example of business process is manufacturing raw material into a finished good. Another example is a bakery; a customer enters the bakery store a purchases a loaf of bread. Well, before the loaf of bread was made wheat was picked out of a farm, processed and sorted in a factory. Of to the processing plant for flower and packaging to sale in the store. The bakery chef buys the flower, makes bread and sells it at his bakery for a profit. The books methodology explains how it works based on the activities which can be controlled by a human or computer’s for the research online it demonstrate visual images and a lot of those website rely on BPMN methods. That generic chain consists of five primary activities and four support activities. The four support activities include Inbound Logistics, Manufacturing, Outbound Logistics, Sales and Marketing and Customer Service. (Kroenke, 2013).Support activities assist the primary activities in helping the organization achieve its competitive advantage I believe that the real world way of researching is what’s found online from company’s websites.

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Kroenke, D. M. (2013). Using MIS (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
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