Comparing and Extracting Healthy Psychological Traits in the Other Side of the Bridge

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Mind Pages: 4 (1474 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Comparing And Extracting Healthy Psychological traits In The Other Side Of The Bridge

The characteristics of being psychologically healthy or unhealthy are not always understood. Are you just born one or the other or do you begin to develop some unhealthy traits? The world of psychology is incredibly complex and there could be many different ways in which someone could take on an unhealthy trait, and all traits are different. In The Other Side Of The Bridge, Mary Lawson displays what she believes to be the characteristics of psychologically unhealthy characters (Traits of Ian, Jake, and Arthur). In order to find the traits of a psychologically healthy person, one can look at the psychologically unhealthy individuals and traits provided in the novel and look at the opposite. Lawson suggests that the characteristics of a psychologically healthy person is someone with an open mind who is forgiving of others, is social and does not harm their family members, speaks his mind to others and asks for help when he needs it.

One of the features of being psychologically healthy, according to Lawson, is to be able to forgive people and have an open mind. These features are missing when analyzing the character Ian. When observing Ian, we realize the intensity of the grudge he holds with his mother when she left. “In Ian’s opinion they should have thrown everything out the day she left, cleared the house of the ornaments and knickknacks, the candlesticks and picture frames, but they hadn’t, all all of them were still sitting there, covered with dust, waiting to ambush your memory.” (Lawson 108). Ian was struggling with why his mother left. She acted like she cared about him, but if she did care about him why did she leave? This confusion led to his undying grudge that started when Ian’s mother said “‘Aren’t you going to come down and say goodbye?’ Her voice was shaking.

‘I have work to do.’
She was crying. He couldn’t see her and she made no sound but he knew. He...
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