Comparing and Contrasting Men and Women

Topics: Gender, Woman, Female Pages: 2 (880 words) Published: November 29, 2012
In terms of aesthetics, men and women think very different about their prescriptive towards men and women. Both seem to think differently from one another because men and women are very different from each other. As far as history can go there has been a battle of the sexes going on. Men and women have always interchanged from the bottom of the pyramid to the top. But like always men seem to be on the top. Since men are always at the top level it seems to me that women have to exert themselves to various limits to get noticed but while still keeping a humble mind. This is why women look at themselves for so long in the mirror as well some men do. The studies of beauty in some cases, are much more important to both men and women, but sometimes are afraid to feel a little too cocky about them. A common phrase women use is, “Boys will be boys”. The reason why it’s used like this is because girls are really distinctive from boys, as well as boys to girls. There are a myriad of reasons why women are the way they are, and a countless reason why men are the way they are. Men, in fact, will always have it easy and pay less attention to women when women most need attention from men. Oppose to woman, who have concerns about what she will wear, or do her hair, but in the end have no complements from men. In the essay written by Dave Barry, he states, “Men don’t even notice 97 percent of the beauty efforts you make anyway” (Barry 370). I feel like some men don’t take the time to observe a woman’s efforts; instead they stare and have less of a clue of what to say, and move on. Women, most likely would want to be complemented to satisfy themselves with the effort they have done. Susan Sontag uses a perfect example in her essay and states, “To be called beautiful is thought to name something essential to women’s character and concerns” (Sontag 644). It would be more meaningful to women if they were called beautiful every day, to let go of the low self-esteem....
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