Comparing and Contrasting Job Offers

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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Question: You will graduate from KFUPM in June. Recently, you have been offered a job by ARAMCO in Dhahran which is very attractive. At the same time, you have been offered a position by MIT to study for the MS degree in the US with all expenses paid. You have to decide which offer to take. Write a composition comparing and contrasting the two offers and in the final paragraph decide which option you will take. (3 or 4 paragraphs) (about 350 words) (Title) ============

A Difficult Choice (290 words) By: A Donovan
In 2 weeks, I will graduate from KFUPM. Recently, ARAMCO has offered me a good job in Dhahran. At the same time, MIT, the famous universityin the USA, has accepted me to study for the MS degree with all expenses paid. It’s going to be a difficult decision to decide which offer to take, since they are both very attractive. Perhaps if I write down my thoughts, it will help me with my decision.

First of all, ARAMCO is the company I have always wanted to work for. They offer the best benefits and “life-time” employment. It is also a huge company so that there will be a lot of travel involved. I’ve heard that the jobs are not easy, but I don’t mind working hard. On the other hand, MIT is like the ARAMCO of American universities. It is world-famous and has the best programs in my field. If I can get a MS degree from MIT, then I can come back to work for ARAMCO at a higher salary and in a better position. The offer from MIT also includes all my expenses, tuition and even travel to and from KSA. It is an offer almost too good to be true.

I’ll have to discuss this with my family and see what they have to say. I’m thinking that it would be best for me to go to the USA and study at MIT. ARAMCO will always be here and with an MS, as I said, a good job with ARAMCO is almost guaranteed. The offer from MIT may not be around forever. It may be...
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