Comparing and Contrasting Classical Civilizations

Christianity in the 1st century, Latifundium, Macedonia (ancient kingdom)

A2 World History AP
Comparing and Contrasting Classical Civilizations
The classical societies had great influence over vast groups of people. They influenced the cultures of everyone they came into contact with. They spread their philosophies and beliefs over great distances. They left enduring marks on society that still persist to this day. The classical Mediterranean civilizations and the Qin and Han dynasties of China are similar in many ways, they are similar politically because they have parallel organization of government, they are similar religiously because they both gave rise to major belief systems, they are similar socially because they both had slave systems and wealth inequalities that brought their eventual fall, and they are similar economically because they both used roads and sea lanes to set up vast trade networks. The classical Mediterranean and Chinese civilizations are also fundamentally different, they are different politically because the Mediterranean civilizations were not strict bureaucracies unlike the classical Chinese civilizations which were, they are different religiously because they gave rise to different religions, they are different socially because the Mediterranean civilizations gave much more freedom for women, and they are different economically because their economies collapsed for different reasons. The classical Mediterranean civilizations and Qin and Han China are similar politically because they had supreme rulers whose power and will was carried out government officials. Classical Greece, around 800 B.C.E., was set up as poleis. They were relatively small but extremely powerful city-states. Each had its own supreme ruler called a tyrant. The poleis were set up like small empires. When the Kingdom of Macedonia seized Greece around 338 B.C.E., Greece became a kingdom, with King Philip II as the supreme ruler. His son, Alexander of Macedon, conquered Persia and annexed it, transforming Greece from a kingdom...
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