Comparing and Contrasting American vs. French Revolution

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  • Published : May 31, 2007
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Comparing and contrasting the American and French Revolution

The French revolution and the American Revolution both have some similar qualities about them. Part of the reason is that they were both planned by Marquis de Lafayette. But they are also really different in other ways, because they are two different countries with different cultures and stuff. The American Revolution had a lot of help from the country France. They helped us economically and help with military. Once the American Revolution was over they became a republic and then went to Paris to sign the treaty. When the French return to their home country they realized that they didn't have the freedoms that we had and that they helped fight for. So France started to plan a revolution of their own.

The American Revolution was for the country to have freedom. Wealthy people were the ones who planned the whole thing. They were in the "Capitalist Middle Class". The "High Class" was only the British. And the "Lower Class" was all the slaves and workers and common people. The "Middle Class" wanted a different type of government. They wanted a democracy. The "Middle class" are the founders basically of the United States. They believed that they had to work hard to get their money and since they did that they should get to do whatever they want with it. But the French revolution was more about human rights. In the French revolution the "bourgeoisie" had pretty much the same idea. They would work real hard and save money. Over all the years they almost had as much money as most the nobility. And this was kind of bad because the more money they had the higher taxes would raise up. That was when the "bourgeoisie" realized that they pretty much had no freedoms. They had more money than the upper classes, the just helped the Americans get their freedom, and they have no freedom of their own. So they started planning their own revolution. The "bourgeoisie" were not the founders of the country but they were...
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