Comparetion of Commercial Negotiations Style Between China and Uk

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Introduction to Intercultural Communication
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Comparetion of commercial negotiations style between China and UK

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Abstract: This paper intends to explain the differences between China and the UK in commercial negotiations style by using Geert Hofstede’s Five Dimensions of National Culture and Edward Hall’s High Context and Low Context Cultures. This kind of different style mainly displays in the tactics of negotiation, decision making and the target of negotiation.

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1. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 2. The differences between China and UK in commerce negotiations style----3 2.1 The difference of negotiation’s tactics -----------------------------------------------3 2.2The difference of decision making ----------------------------------------------------4 3. The difference of negotiation’s target-------------------------------------------------5 3. The similarities between China and UK in commerce negotiations style----6 1. The way of speaking----------------------------------------------------------------------6 3.2 The degree of social respect for women---------------------------------------------7 4. Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 5. Recommendations -------------------------------------------------------------------------7 5.1 Neither overbearing nor impatient-----------------------------------------------------7 5.2 Try to adapt to different cultures-------------------------------------------------------7 6. References ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

1. Introduction:

To keep up with the globalization, enterprises need to know more about international business management and decision making to survive themselves. They good skills of negotiation is becoming more and more significant, so the companies should learn more about the companies which has different culture. Britain is a typical western country, while China is absolutely eastern country, and they have different business culture, negotiation culture.

2. The differences between China and UK in commerce negotiations style

2.1 The difference of negotiation’s tactics
Based on different ways of thinking, people who have different culture background will use different tactics when he or she negotiates. When Chinese people face a negotiation, they are willing to discuss some overall structure, principle and target firstly. When the overall plan are been agreed by all the companions, they can start to talk about some details of contract. However, turning to English people when they face a complex session, they are more likely to begin with one small part of this big session directly. The English people prefer to think that realistic fact is more important rather than some theoretical things. They are declined to discuss price, delivery, guarantee and contract one by one, then to gather them.

There are two reasons which can explain this difference. Firstly, Chinese people are absolutely belonging to Long-Term Orientation. Hofstede& Jan Hofstede (2005) showed the score of Chinese in time orientation is 118, and it headed the list. But the sore of UK is just 25, so English people are not belonging to Long-Term Orientation. Professor Geert Hofstede (2003) indicated that people with a long-term orientation generally like focus on the future of things and very care about overall progress what going on. But Societies with a short-term orientation generally have a strong concern with establishing...
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