Compare: Yellow Wallpaper & Rocking-Horse Winner

Topics: Conflict, Hallucination, Charlotte Perkins Gilman Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: October 28, 2012
CompareJasmine Lee

Suspense and frantic endings, come to mind when describing the short stories, The Yellow Wallpaper and The Rocking-Horse Winner. Both Gilman and Lawrence included a set of unsettling events involving extreme accounts of psychosis. Although, sharing the concept of psychosis, the origins of which each main characters experiences stem from differs. The conflicts in both stories differ greatly. In The Rock-Horse Winner, the main conflict is with the son, Paul. Paul believes he is 'lucky' because of his winning streak at the Derby. When Paul falls down on his luck, internal issues start to take over, Paul's hallucinations also surface. At the end, Paul's hallucination becomes extremely fierce and although discovering Malabar, the horse he place his bet on, actually won, it is too late. Paul becomes mute and eventually dies. In contrast, The Yellow Wallpaper's main conflict is with the immobile and ill woman, who is also the unnamed narrator. The narrator distinguishes, piece by piece, the significant details of the yellow wallpaper. Her depictions are found out to be hallucinations going in her mind. This springs up the narrator's internal conflict. She soon acts in a possessed manner, as she can no longer cope. Finally, when released from her imprisonment, it is again to late, as the narrator is not freed of her psychosis. Similarly, the two short stories share irony. In The Yellow Wallpaper, irony exists as the narrator is supposedly in a place of rest, but her illness only worsens. In The Rocking-Horse Winner, irony is found notably at the end, when despite winning the bet on Malabar, Paul dies of what can be inferred as, an anxiety attack or psychosis. Additionally, the stories share the same thrill of an ending. Both conclude with the main characters in a frantic state. Ultimately, both short stories display the extremity of psychosis. The main characters twist of irony in both stories, leads to raging endings. The distinguishing is how...
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