Compare Two Different Kind of Job

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Nowadays, jon is needed for people’s daily living. There always have a gap between two different kinds of job which people may have to consider and choose it carefully: the low-paid but interesting job and high salary, yet no inspiration one. The obvious differences between those types are mentioned: The finance-condition, working environment and the challenge.

The easiest notable difference is the finance-condition. There is no doubt that people with low-paid, somehow, can be very struggled to make ends meet. Oppositely, the high-income employee may not need to worry about the monthly subsistence fees. Their finance can surely afford to those expenses. Besides that, the living standard between two these jobs apparently different; highly paid employee can comfortably enjoy their outdoor dinner with their family on weekend; yet the unwell-paid worker may have to save those sums of money to do something else.

We can notice another different point, working condition, by comparison two those kinds of job. Giving an under well-paid to company’s employees also mean that the company cannot afford to their working conditions such as working equipment, unqualified colleagues. Moreover, the equipment may not also been upgraded and maintain on time because of lacking of finance condition. However, the company, which can propose an appropriated income to their employee, will attract attention of qualified people. The company will surely try to create a professional working environment to their staffs because every owner always want to get the best performance of the employee.

The last but very important aspect of the difference between two types of job is challenge. The young people, nowadays, love to be challenged to themselves in different type of position. The more worth job, off course will require more skills and always leaving the staffs under the working pressure. However, with the low-paid job, the task seems to be more easier than above task because...
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