Compare Three Newspapers in the Uk, the Usa and China

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Nowadays, newspaper is an important aspect of media and also an important part in people's daily life. Though the technology is developing rapidly, many people still like to buy newspaper every day, besides that, today's newspaper publishers also provide on-line website to audience. In the UK, the newspaper publication is mainly controlled by national press (Britain, 2009). There are two kinds of national newspaper in this country which are the quality papers and the popular papers (Britain, 2009). Quality papers mainly aim to the educated audience who are concern about serious stories instead of other stories which are related to sex and scandal (Britain,2009). The Times, The Guardian, and The Independent are all famous quality papers in the UK. Here, this paper will mainly focus on The Times. After a brief introduction of The Times, this paper will analyze its strengths and weakness through comparison with news presses in other two countries which are The New York Times in the United States and People's Daily in People's Republic of China. The discuss will follow three categories: geographical factors which divide the news into international news and domestic news ; themes which divide news into politics news, social news, economic news, and sex and scandal news; and the third one is politics.

The Times was called The Daily Universal Register when it was firstly published in 1785 in London. Later, it changed to the current name in 1788. Like the most of British press, The Times is also owned by a big multinational companies called News Cooperation Group which is an international media conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch (Pfanner, 2006). It is considered as the Britain's newspaper of record. As a British daily national quality newspaper, The Times also added some popular papers' content in 2004 and the change was successfully (Britain,2009). According to ABC's National daily newspaper circulation in March 2012, the average daily circulation of The Times was...
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