Compare the Ways in Which Soyinka in Death and a King’s Horseman and Miller in All My Sons Present Elesin and Keller? How Far Would You Agree That the Personal Tragedy of Each Protagonist’s Death Is Less Important Than the Death of Their Sons?

Topics: Character, Foreshadowing, Literary technique Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Compare the ways in which Soyinka in Death and a King’s Horseman and Miller in All My Sons present Elesin and Keller? How far would you agree that the personal tragedy of each protagonist’s death is less important than the death of their sons? Soyinka and Miller shape the protagonists by their presentations of their voice using different language and use of setting cultural context which presents their different responsibilities and duties exposing their character. The different presentations of the characters determine how the audience connect with the protagonists. Elesin and Keller’s deaths are climatic points in the play, with their son’s deaths also being pivotal; acting as catalysts for the protagonist’s death which cause the protagonist’s to acknowledge their fatal flaws. The different purposes of the protagonist’s suicides, made evident also by the protagonist’s presented characters, determine whether the tragedy of their death is more important than the death of their sons. The setting and cultural context of each of the plays a profound role in shaping the characters as the differing cultural context affects the character’s duties and responsibilities which shape their presentations as characters. Though set in the same time periods, the cultures differ between plays. Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman opens in “Oyo, an ancient Yoruba city in Nigeria, 1944”, during British colonialism whereas All My Sons by Miller is set in the “outskirts of an American town” just after the war in the late 1940’s after world war two. Soyinka and Miller’s introductions of the culture and the setting at the beginning of the plays expose the protagonist’s individual characters. The “secluded atmosphere” on the “outskirts of an American town” in which All My Sons opens acts as a dramatic device to show Keller’s devotion to his family by presenting him as sectioned off from wider society. Additionally, the “closely planted poplars” which seclude the area act as a...
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