Compare the Ways in Which Piggy and Simon Attempt to Prevent the Boys from Descending Into Savagery.

Topics: English-language films, Number of the Beast, Desert island Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Compare the ways in which Piggy and Simon attempt to prevent the boys from descending into savagery. The Lord of the Flies shows a group of boys who end up in a plane crash, and get stuck on a deserted island for weeks. Here, we find different types of boys, ones that are good, and like to do the right thing; others will mess around, and try and mislead others into their bad doings. However, through the novel, the two major characters of the book, Ralph and Jack fight for leadership and as Ralph tries to sustain democracy along with his friend Piggy, Jack tries to lead us into savagery, misleading others to believe that they aren’t going to be rescued, and instead, are going to be killed by a ‘beast’, which Simon, another quiet and saint-like boy discovers is not true. Savagery is an act of violent or cruelty, or anything bad that is going to happen. During this essay, I will be talking about how Simon and Piggy acted maturely, and how they hindered savagery onto the island for a little bit of time. I will be analyzing how they did this, and what got the couple killed because of this. Firstly, we will look at Piggy and how his suggestions were undermined by the other members of the group, this is consistent in all the meetings that they have, he is failed to be listened to. Piggy’s physical appearance, his common sense and genuine thinking makes him the only mature and ‘adult-like’ child on the island. However, he doesn’t blend in with the others because of this. All the others want to play, while he says that you shouldn’t be playing when you’re in a life-threatening situation, but we have to survive, find food, make shelters, which is genuinely a true fact. When playing ‘kill the beast’, which one of the boys pretends to be, he spoils the game. This really furthers Piggy and the others, we are now seeing that Ralph sticks up for Piggy, and that Jack and Ralph further away from their ‘invisible light of friendship’. Everyone doesn’t listen to him, because they...
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