Compare the Turnaround Styles of Holmes and Rose What Type of Change Were They Trying to Employ in Terms of Nature and Scope Was It Transformational Change Essays and Term Papers

Topics: Customer relationship management, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Kong Wai Kwan and Lai Hoi Lam
2. Using Ansoff’s matrix to identify the company’s strategic options

Ansoff Growth Matrix is very important strategy in business industry. Any company can measure how to achieve their market in this strategy. It consists of four kinds of strategies depending on products and markets. There are market penetration including existing products and existing markets and product development which new products and existing markets and market development, he puts more efforts to create a new market and existing products. Last, he was diversifying new markets and new products. Today, McDonald is really competitive among fast food restaurants. That’s why they have to consider changing their strategy.

3. Using SFA framework to assess the 2 strategic options you found in question 2.

Sales Force Automation System (SFA). SFA systems are a type of program that automates business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance. Businesses may have a custom version developed specifically for their needs, or choose from among the increasing number of sales automation software products, such as Interact Commerce's ACT! About the product and marketing development and, A SFA, typically a part of a company’s customer relationship management system, is a system that automatically records all the stages in a sales process. SFA includes a contact management system which tracks all contact that has been made with a given customer, the purpose of the contact, and any follow up that might be required. This ensures that sales efforts are not duplicated, reducing the risk of irritating customers. SFA also includes a sales lead tracking system, which lists potential customers through paid phone lists, or customers of related products. Other elements of an SFA system can include sales forecasting, order management and product knowledge.
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