Compare the Strengths and Weaknesses of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

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Compare the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative and qualitative research. Illustrate your answer with appropriate research situations.


There are two board research approaches: called qualitative and quantitative research. The writer is going to compare the strengths and weaknesses of both two research approach by introducing two different research papers both related to elder abuse. The content of a qualitative research “Elder Abuse and Mistreatment in Residential Settings” (Radka and Kateřina, 2009) (qualitative study) and a quantitative research “Proclivity to Elder Abuse, A community Study on Hong Kong Chinese” (Elsie and Catherine, 2003) (quantitative study) are being discussed and the related strengths and weaknesses of two different research approaches are reflected in this assignment.

Qualitative Research

A suitable approach to describe and to interpret

“The strengths of qualitative research derive primarily from its inductive approach, it focus on specific situation or people.” One of the five particular research purposes of qualitative studies is to understand the particular context of informants act and the influence of it. And this approach preserve the individuality that can helps researchers understand how events, actions and meaning are shaped by the unique circumstances. (Maxwell, 1996, p.17)

According to Berg (2004, p.7), qualitative approach provide the means for researchers accessing unquantifiable facts of the informants.

The aim of the qualitative study was to describe employees’ and clients’ lived experiences of older abuse. It is a suitable for the researchers to use a phenomenological approach in the study.

Stan (1999, p.1) wrote “Phenomenological methods are particularly effective at bringing to the fore the experiences and perceptions of individuals from their own perspectives, and therefore at challenging structural or normative assumptions. Adding an interpretive dimension to phenomenological research, enabling it to be used as the basis for practical theory, allows it to inform, support or challenge policy and action.” And, the two dimensions of the study are the forms of elder abuse and the cause of elder abuse.

Data collection method

The research question of the qualitative study show that the researchers want to know the lived experiences from nursing staff and family members in residential homes unstructured interview and also the related detailed in complaints filed with the Ostrava Municipal Authority.

By qualitative research, this inductive, nonlinear and open-ended strategy, researchers know roughly at the beginning of the study. The study unfolds within the process of the study. In the case of unstructured interview being used by the qualitative study, researchers should assume that they do not know in advance what all the necessary questions will be asked therefore no predetermine the list of questions. And the researchers should assume different informants are not necessary to have same meaning of questions thus there will process more different vocabularies in result.(Berg, 2004, P.80) Some points of view are told by the informants that the researchers may not consider or even heart can inspire researcher. It is flexible that researchers can modify the strategy throughout the process of data collection to cater the findings. It is more interactive of the researchers and the researched, thus, in-depth information can be collected.And, and the researchers are the main instrument of the study. There are not only statistic and numbers can be the data but can be in form of words, pictures or objects. It is holistic because more sources of data can be considered as information to analyse. And researcher involve the research subjectively makes researchers themselves think empathically to understand informants’ feeling better. The holistic approach and researchers subjectively involvement in the research helps understanding...
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