Compare the Rights and Responsibilities of Both Employer and Employees

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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In this assignment I will compare the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee looking at their similarities and differences and explaining them. I will point out each similarity and difference by sections – RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES. Also I will stop my attention at explaining how important is to be able to compare both sides and what are the consequences for both parts if we were not able to compare them and there weren’t any similarities and differences..


* Both sides (employer and employee) have the right to talk to each other about everything and nothing when it comes to work, help or something connected with safety and health * Both, employer and employee have the rights to contribute a good agreement in the contract obligating each one depending on their needs and wants. However the employee should still keep close to the companies rights which have been set up by the employer. * Employer and Employees can be discriminated within direct or indirect discrimination. Both sides are allowed to ask for help. * Both sides are allowed to ask for procedures protecting their relationships between employees and employers. * Both sides are responsible as representative bodies for the views and rights of an organization or a group. However here plays the decision of the boss. * Both sides can make changes in contracts if they both are agreed with it. This means that if the employer wants to make change, he should talk with his worker and if the other part agrees then the change may be proceed.| * Employers have the rights to set up the business aims. This means that the employees cannot choose how to work or in what way the company should operate because this job is for the employer. * Employers are able to take the decisions while the employees, just do the tasks set by their bosses. This simply shows that the employees are under the control of their employer. * Only the employer can take...
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