Compare the Quality Management of Mcdonald's Restaurants and Kentucky Fried Chicken

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A) The Management of internal culture, morale and development of staff

As business evolves and customer service standards are set ever higher, it is no longer possible for the training of frontline staff to concentrate solely on providing specific skill sets or outlining required practices in the workplace. Nowadays, employees must also be shown how to develop the desired mindset, so that they can then be trusted to use their initiative when solving problems and interacting with clients. Both McDonald and KFC are focus on promoting the quality customer services in order to foster the customer oriented mindset to their staff as company culture. Continuous learning, quality training and staff development are also the key success elements of McDonald and KFC, which both companies put a lot of resource into it. The following paragraphs will elaborate more.

- Internal Culture and Morale


The global "i'm lovin' it" programme is intended to enhance standards at over 1,000 restaurants in Greater China and is accompanied by an "i Smile u Smile i'm lovin' it" scheme, which was launched in April 10 and is aimed at increasing staff satisfaction. Together the programmes focus on greeting and interacting with customers, service delivery and giving friendly farewells. The programme includes a Smiling Hero Competition, which took place in June and July and was decided by customer votes, and detailed surveys to assess feedback. This program reflects that McDonald emphasizes they are focus on quality customer services and the management want their staff to understand what service from the heart really means to align with their company culture. KFC

Although KFC and McDonald have a similar company culture of emphasizing the quality services, KFC has different approach i.e. Prizes and awards encourage improvement and team spirit essential to achieve their goal.

KFC offers numerous other programmes to ensure the quality of service. One is a mystery shopper scheme, in which all office staff take turns to become undercover customers to test the food and service in various restaurants. Under tight guidelines and detailed instructions, the standards are closely monitored. Staff opinions are very highly valued, and the views of an experienced frontline staff can influence the way the work guidelines are revised. Meanwhile, frontline managers attend restaurant excellence meetings in the main office once or twice a month to pass on to office managers details of emerging trends and other developments. KFC would like to ensure that the hard work and achievement of their staff are always recognised and appreciated. Many awards are given to staff for outstanding performance. For example, frontline managers get cash prizes for good monthly staff-retention figures, while human resources personnel win awards for achieving training targets. Staff incentives are also aligned with the actual operating performance. - Staff development

Most global restaurant chains i.e. McDonald and KFC understand the importance of staff development in order to boost service standards and consistency. Both of companies spend huge investment in staff development and training. McDonald

McDonald's employs a number of mechanisms to retain quality staff. These include comprehensive training through various systems such as the chain's world-renowned Hamburger University. Of the seven Hamburger Universities around the world, one is strategically based here in Hong Kong. Besides, McDonald also include a "high potential management programme" which caters for the management staff; a "smart talent programme" targeted at middle management; and a year-long "active learning programme", run through the Hong Kong Productivity Council. | |

McDonald also recruits around 70 to 80% of staff from the "generation Y" group, it is important to incorporate a sense of fun in the job and training to attract young people to join.

To enhance loyalty and job...
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