Compare the Colonial Policy Regarding Native Americans, and the Corresponding Relations Between European Colonists and Native Americans in New France and Pennsylvania

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  • Published : October 22, 2008
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The colonists policy toward the native Americans had different origins and therefore different consequences. Much has been written about the encounter of these two cultures, which would sooner or later bring about a painful clash. Because of their so diferent cultures, only one would prevail. The colonists as a group, depending on their beliefs, had a hard, harshpolicy toward Native Americans. Native Americans, on the other hand, structured their lives on beliefs which had no common base ground with the colonists. As a clear example of this, Native Americans believed that the land was owned by none, that the rich earth was abundant for all. As the colonies populated, harsher policies toward Native Americans arose, and the conflicts between the colonists and the Native Americans iscolated. Pennsylvania was probably the ideal colony. William Penn’s philosophy of pacifism made his colony a heaven of respect and tolerance for all. Some of William Penn’s theories may not have been carried out to a full extent, but it did set structured and social implications; this represented a harsh contrast with the policy of other colonies toward Native Americans, and an even sharper contrast of non English settlers toward Native Americans in areas such as New France. All this would establish a part of what would be the American identity.

When the English king, Charles II gave William Penn, a Quaker, a grant of land, William Penn set out to establishhis colony as a heaven which embraced his religious beliefs. Quakers believed that the Holy Spirit inspired all human beings, and thus, God did not make distinctions of race, gender, ethnicity or social class. Therefore, all human beings were equal. William Penn founded Pennsylvania on a social and political system of equality. Even before arriving in Pennsylvania, Penn wrote to the Delaware chiefs, to establish peaceful relations. He recognized the Indians as the rightful owners of the land. He kept all he promised to the Native...
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