Compare the Attitudes to Poverty in the Films You Have Studied for This Topic

Topics: Shanty town, Poverty, Favela Pages: 3 (1257 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Compare the attitudes to poverty in the films you have studied for this topic The films I have studied for this section, the 2002 film City of God, Kasovitz's 1995 film La Haine and Gavin Hood's 2005 South African film Tsotsi all share similar attitudes to poverty. The films address the often futile attempt to escape poverty and the crime which is strongly associated with it. Tsotsi and City of God are both set in favellas in LEDC's which immediately symbolises the poverty stricken living conditions. The 2005 film Tsotsi revolves around a young gang leader named Tsotsi who has little chance of escaping the slum of Soweto in Johannesburg and therefore turns to a life of violent crime. This is a recurring theme in all three films, suggesting that there is a strong link between crime and poverty. Tsotsi himself represents the struggle for many citizens of the slums to escape poverty and how hard it is to escape that sort of life. For example in one scene Tsotsi is in the centre of the frame, walking down the middle of a train track looking at his feet with the vast city of Johannesburg in the background. In this shot Tsotsi is literally on a track which he cannot get off of, but it could also metaphorically represent that Tsotsi is leading a lifestyle which he cannot escape from . Also as the audience we see this shot just after Tsotsi has followed the elderly disabled man Morris to a secluded under passage, where he learns that Morris has was left unable to walk after a accident at work. We then see Tsotsi looking at his own feet on the track, this could suggest his realisation that although he himself is living in extreme poverty ridden conditions he is still better off than Morris. This helps to emphasise to the audience the extreme poverty conditions which these characters live in. Another point about this scene is that Tsotsi is seen walking away from the city which is in the background, which could symbolise how for Tsotsi and the majority of the people from...
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