Compare the 1st and 2nd Great Awakening

Topics: First Great Awakening, Second Great Awakening, George Whitefield Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Comparison of the First and Second Great Awakening
There are many factors that triggered the religious revivals known as the Great Awakenings. These awakenings encouraged citizens to partake in religious ceremonies and activities. Some agreed and joined the bandwagon, some refused. The awakenings had aspects that resulted in great long term benefits in government, education, and society.

During the 1730s it was apparent that most colonies had established their own religions. Some strict churches preached that we are all sinful and that only a faithful few would be saved. The increase in production and manufacturing of goods increased colonial wealth, but led most colonists astray from their religion and influenced their temptation to live less godly lives. That is when the Great Awakening began. The Great Awakening was a Protestant religious revival movement that taught “rebirth” and that God was forgiving. Churches became amplified, preaching the need to become a new and better person of faith, which was said to be the ultimate religious experience. Preachers said that followers should accept that they are sinners and ask for salvation. Many religious men contributed to the Great Awakening. Two of the religious men were George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards. Whitefield was a young Anglican preacher, everywhere he went he brought an ample amount of people and converted them. Whitefield claimed that God was lenient and forgiving, rather than telling people they were all going to hell because they were sinners. Edwards was the beginning of the revival, he emphasized the power of an extant and intimate religious experience. Like Whitefield, Edwards attracted large crowds with his powerful sermons. The Awakening was divided into two major groups called the “Old Lights” and the “New Lights.” The “New Lights” were one of the religious groups that grew as a result of the...
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