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Topics: Education, Difference, Teacher Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Development of economy and education requires new learning styles which offer various choices to students. Apart from studying in the classroom, online learning is becoming more popular day by day. This essay will compare and contrast between these two learning methods. Differences will be represented in three aspects including time administration, communication with teachers or with other students and type of contact. As regards similarities, there will be difficulty and interest value of the course, number of tasks as well as support from other elements. Firstly, the most notable difference between online learning conditions and face – to – face instruction is time management. Students who take lessons in the classroom are compelled to follow their timetable chosen by themselves or their head teacher; on the other hand, those who follow an online program can take part in classes through the Internet at their advantageous time including night - time. Secondly, contrasting both two methods, there is another difference in interaction with fellows and with teachers. Students having numerous fellows in the same classroom can be able to reciprocate comments, valuable knowledge to each other at any time and ask the teacher to explain immediately their queries without any communication barriers, whereas, online environment cannot satisfy this. Furthermore, both two instruction methods are also distinguished by type of communication. Online students can spend a lot of time examining their questions and thinking for answers because they must concentrate on written interaction and obtain all information by using the Internet and emails. Conversely, classroom students must collect most of their thoughts on verbal communication and are obliged to present ideals or react to the questions instantly. In spite of these differences, these two learning methods are similar in noteworthy points....
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