Compare Richard Iii and Homecoming

Topics: Persuasion, Harold Pinter, William Shakespeare Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Write a comparison between 'Richard III' by William Shakespeare and 'The Homecoming' by Harold Pinter

To introduce, the extract taken from the play 'Richard III', is scene Act 1 Scene 2. It can be considered one of the many iconic scenes in Shakespeare's 'Richard III'; and arguable one of, if not, the most iconic for its importance in showing the power of influence displayed by Richard over Lady Anne. Whereas, in 'The Homecoming' this scene is between Ruth (the wife of Teddy) and Lenny (Teddy's brother), this scene is important in its own right, for it showing Ruth's lack of respect for her marriage.

As the whole, the "Homecoming" extract is written to be sexually suggestive, especially considering it is her first time meeting Lenny. She shows how she is ascertaining her authority over her husband, because of her lack of regard for him, and their union - and this is shown through her promiscuousness towards his brother; and the sexually charged conversation they have between them. Although, there are no sexual references in the 'Richard III' extract, there is a show of persuasion by Richard over Lady Anne, and him trying to get her to see that he is attracted to her, and this is somewhat similar to how Ruth is with Lenny, in her pursuit of him.

Richard has a confidence and arrogance to him, which he uses to his advantage especially with the knowledge of how fragile Lady Anne is; when Richard firsts enters, Shakespeare writes in the stage direction that she "spits at him". This is impactful on the audience, as they know straight away that this scene will be emotionally rough and aggressive between the interaction of Lady Anne and Richard III. The fact she "spits" at him, as soon as she sees him, without first talking to Richard III shows her to be furious and disgusted with him - she would rather show her disdain towards him through action rather than having to acknowledge him with speech that to him would be less impactful. Arguably, this seems...
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