Compare Mrs Johnston and Lyons

Topics: Mother, Mothers, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: September 20, 2012
The opposite to Mrs Johnstone is Mrs Lyons; childless, wealthy and under the impression that money can solve any problem, Mrs Lyons also shows how warm and caring Mrs Johnstone is as a mother. Concerned more with her reputation than Eddie or his real mother, Mrs Lyons attempts to ensure that the two are kept as far away from each other as possible. Nevertheless, the “cruel” Mrs Johnstone does not accept Mrs Lyons’ bribe (“…the mother so cruel, there’s a stone in place of her heart…”) and continues to love Eddie. Mrs Johnstone is a typical tragic heroine, whose actions accidently result in a disastrous event and the punishment she receives from that act is quite unfair. More or less, she is a good mother, a woman who makes the best of things and is proud of the fact she is getting by. It was circumstance that caused her to make a pact with Mrs Lyons, a pact that would ultimately result in the deaths of her twin boys. Mrs Lyons is one of the key characters in Blood Brothers. At first it would be easy to think she has it all, a rich husband and a lifestyle that Mrs Johnstone can only dream about. She is a contrast to Mrs Johnstone who has too many children and not enough money to support them. Once Mrs Lyons has what she wants, she is satisfied in living a lie and shows no feelings towards the sadness Mrs Johnstone has of giving her child up. Mrs Lyons sacked her employee in an attempt to separate the boys and moves away from them. She prevents Eddie from seeing his twin friend, Mickey. She becomes over protective of him, so that he isn’t as strong as his twin brother, but her wealth allows her to give her son a better life where he can become educated with more life opportunities than his brother. Whilst Mrs Lyons is known as a dark character that is both controlling and selfish, she has reasons for her actions. Her husband is always working and she is unable to conceive. I think she becomes bored being at home by herself and lonely. Her longing for a child and her...
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