Compare Movie/Book the House of the Spirits

Topics: Socialist Party USA, Isabel Allende, Salvador Allende Pages: 2 (930 words) Published: November 5, 2012
The Book vs. the Movie
The book, The House of the Spirits, by Isabel Allende is a fictional novel set in Chile in the 1930s through 1970s. The movie, “The House of the Spirits” was made in the 1990s from the book Allende wrote. Although the movie is similar to the book, many of the characters and event are different. Also, many of the important events that are in the book fail to exist in the movie. The beginning of the book and movie, it opened with Rosa. But, in the book, Rosa is a beautiful girl who has green hair and “there was something of the fish to her, but her two legs placed her squarely on the tenuous line between a human being and a creature of myth”,(4-5). The novel made her seem that she was beyond beautiful and that no one can compare to her. In the movie, she is more standard looking with blonde hair and didn’t look that attractive. In both the movie and book Rosa dies after drinking brandy, but, in the movie, she drinks it at the party they throw for Severo del Valle, Rosas father. In the book, she drinks it because she was feeling sick and the doctor told her to drink it. In the book, Alba, Blanca’s daughter, has Rosa’s hair but in the movie, she is an ordinary little girl. In the book, Allende portrays Esteban as a monster that rapes numerous women trying to fill the emptiness he had after Rosa died and he moved to Tres Marias. In the movie, he rapes one named Pancha and later gets pregnant by him. She later comes to see him and introduces him to his son, Esteban Garcia. He pretends not to know what she’s talking about but gives her money to leave and never come back. In the book, Esteban Garcia has a son and it is he who goes to Esteban Truebas for a recommendation to go “to the police academy and a government subsidy to pay for his studies”, (287) in the movie, it’s Esteban Truebas son who goes and looks for him. He goes into the military and later is the one who questions Alba about Miguel’s whereabouts. In the movie, Blanca is the only...
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