Compare Lady Macbeth in the Play 'Macbeth' to Ophelia in 'Hamlet'

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 2 (832 words) Published: June 9, 2012
'Macbeth' was written around about 1603-1607 and no one really knows when the exact date 'Hamlet' was written, but it was approximately in 1599-1601. The plays written were both tragedies written by William Shakespeare. 'Macbeth' was about a man who was told a prophecy by three witches that he will be lord of Cawdor and he will become King. So he killed the former King of Scotland for himself and his wife Lady Macbeth to become king and queen, he was not alone in the murder his wife manipulated and steered him into the direction of killing King Duncan. Macbeth also kills various other people on the way to maintain his power. 'Hamlet' is set in Denmark, Prince Hamlet is the song of King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude. King Hamlet passes away he the ghost of him tells his son that it was his brother Claudius that killed him. Hamlet swears revenge. He murders Polonius because he was eavesdropping ( the court chamberlain). Polonius's son Laertes returns to Denmark to take vengeance of his father's death. Polonius's daughter Ophelia who loves the Hamlet but his behaviour drives her to madness. Ophelia dies by drowning herself. Soon enough a duel takes place and ends with the death of Gertrude, Laertes, Claudius, and Hamlet. My view on Lady Macbeth is that she is a very powerful, manipulating and devious lady and she is the wife of Macbeth. I say that she is quite powerful due to her manipulating ways. However she the guilt of leading her husband to King Duncan death gets a bit to much for her which then leads to Lady Macbeth to committing suicide. Ophelia is the daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes. She is also a beautiful, simple minded women and innocent. However Ophelia is caught between her obedience to her father and her love for Hamlet. She soon hates the position she has been put in and it drives her to madness and she soon drowns herself. Lady Macbeth was not like the stereotypical type of wife in the society at the time. She is a really strong...
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