Compare How Family Guy Is Literature

Topics: Plus-size model, Obesity, Television program Pages: 4 (1699 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Britny Phelps
English 101

Family Guy is literature because of its references to social issues in today’s society. For example, models think they have to be super skinny in order to be a good model. There is also an episode about how ridiculous reality TV. shows are now and how easily it is to become famous. Also, this show portrays how obese our society is now by letting Peter eat as many burgers as he pleases because he saved a person. This show is not just a show to laugh at; there is a deeper meaning behind every episode that gives examples of how our society is today. Literature in this century consists of today’s problems and expressed in many new ways such as cartoons, online, and even in songs. Kids are no longer reading literature out of books, we are learning in many new forms. This is why the show Family guy is literature expressed in the form of cartoons but gives great examples of problems we face in episodes played on T.V. The show first aired on January 31, 1999 it ran for about three seasons before it was cancelled in 2001 until Fox was convinced to start it back up in 2004. The show was cancelled twice because the public thinks it is really inappropriate, and wanted family guy to vanish. Also, Fox network said the rating were not high enough along with expensive production costs caused the show to cancel itself. Some say if they didn’t move the timeslot of the show, poor ratings would not be a factor. After being cancelled the first time and releasing DVDs instead the popularity went through the roof making the show one of the most popular cartoon comedies in the world. Cartoon Network aired reruns and their ratings were so high they even beat David Letterman and Jay Leno. The creator of this show, Seth Mcfarlene, says the purpose of this show is “Putting a mirror up to the face of the world and showing it everything that is wrong with it.” Family Guy can be seen as literature because it has a lesson to be learned or very important message...
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