Compare Hamlet with Candide

Topics: Hamlet, Tragic hero, Tragedy Pages: 3 (1216 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Everyday heroes are now easily made because of the standards, which used to be high, are now low. Anyone can become a hero in many different ways. One could climb into a tree and save a cat in distress, or even call 911 for someone who needs help. However a hero in mythology and legend is a man often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for bold exploits,

In the 4th century B.C., Aristotle defined the characteristics of a tragic hero. According to Aristotelian dramatic theory, a tragic hero is usually a man of noble standing and good character who possesses a tragic flaw, or hamartia, which eventually contributes to his demise. The tragic hero usually undertakes a task and, in the process of this task, becomes very emotionally and psychologically upset, which results in his alienation from people around him. In my opinion, Hamlet fits the definition of an Aristotelian tragic hero perfectly. Shakespeare introduced Hamlet as a young philosopher who has been constantly involved with the term of life and death .He is undoubtedly a well-spoken and bright man who spends too much time thinking and not enough time acting. Throughout the play we learn of many personality characteristics of Hamlet. The most prominent of these characteristics is his innocence. He was lost in a sea of corruption and evil. A majority of the other characters had selfish reasons for their actions. For instance Claudius killed Hamlets father to gain the kingship and to get his wife. The only reason for Hamlets actions was for vengeance for his father’s murder. He thought that was the right thing to do to protect the people from a corrupted leader. Hamlet is a 'real-life' hero. He is not a big muscled, idiotic hero that we often see in various movies. He doesn't charge around the castle killing everyone, knowing exactly what to do and when to do it. If so he would immediately fight all the guards, Kill Claudius and Polonius, get an army, crush the...
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