Compare & Contrast; Venezuela & Us

Topics: Venezuela, United States, Immigration to the United States Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: November 13, 2012
What are the facts that you put on the table when you are going to choose between staying in your country, and immigrating to another? Many people concern about their children and what is better for them, and how they can improve their life. In my family’s, we had to compare our life in Venezuela to what it would be like in the United States, we had to face the facts of the insecurity levels, education, and the opportunities to enrich our the lives that we had been living. It is not always easy to make such a big decision like this.

The contrast between Venezuela and the United States in my eyes, I see that Venezuela has more insecurities than the United States. One of the many reasons that my family and I came to the United States is because my parents were always worried every time I would go to a party, or go out with my friends. They would never sleep because they were always worried about me, and whether I was safe or not.

The insecurity levels in Venezuela are so high that they are considered the number one country with the most murders per year than any other country, and population our population is twenty seven million people. Unlike in the United States the percentage of murders are really low; in fact, the United States is one of the safes countries in the world.

In Venezuela the academic level is good. In high school you have to go to a private school, but the good part is that the best universities are public, and they do not cost anything. One of the bad things is that Venezuela is going through a bad political situation right now and the students are always protesting, so the university always stops when they are in process. Sometimes school is stopped for months, or the subsidizations do not get to the university, and the protestors do not want to work more because they do not get paid for many months. If you are a student in this situation it is really bad, because a career that normally lasts four years an turn into six, or eight years....
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