Compare/Contrast Two Jobs to Consider Through Nursing Degree

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Two Different Jobs you're considering(available through one degree, ie. Nursing)

I. Although both licensed practical nurses and registered nurse are similar

careers to consider, licensed practical nurses have lesser time to finish the nursing

program. On the other hand, registered nurses take two years to complete

the nursing program, but there are lots of advancement to a better quality of

life. Therefore, making a choice of becoming an license practical nurse or registered

nurse depends on an individual's passion in the nursing profession.

A. Licensed practical nurses and registered nurses have similar education in


Both nursing programs require a hands on education. ie. Taking vital signs, administering wound care.
Both licensed practical nurse and registered nurse obtain the same degree. ie. Associates degree.
Some classes that are required to take are similar, such as courses like anatomy and physiology.

B. Both professions have similar job descriptions

Both jobs are in the medical field. ie. Hospitals, nursing homes, long term care homes
Profession is based on the focus of the care of an individual, families, and communities.
Both licensed practical nurses and registered nurses has to be certified by the state he/she lives in.

Differences between licensed practical nurses and registered nurses

A. Licensed practical nurses attend school less time than registered nurses

1. Licensed practical nurse course takes a year to complete and be certified as a practical nurse, but schooling takes two years in order to achieve your associates degree. 2. A student interested in becoming an Licensed practical nurse...
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