Compare/Contrast Toddlers and Teenagers

Topics: Difference, Mother, Adolescence Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Compare/Contrast of Toddlers & Teenagers
This paper will compare/contrast toddlers and teenagers. If you do not have kids, then you will most likely not understand the correlation between the two. When most people think of toddlers, they think of potty training, toys galore, and dirty little hands. And when most people think of teenagers, they think of loud music, messy rooms, and attitudes. But there are many similarities between these two that a lot of people would not think of because the differences are so big.

First, I will discuss how toddlers and teenagers are the same. The most obvious similarity between the two is the need for independence. Toddlers want to do EVERYTHING by themselves. It does not matter what it is…the most common phrase among toddlers is “I do it”. They will only accept help as a last resort. Teenagers also want to do things on their own. They want to go out by themselves to prove that they are growing up. The independence for both of them is the same though because they want to prove something. The growth during both of these stages is very important too. Toddlers are learning how to do all kinds of new things so that they can be more independent. Teenagers are learning how to be more adult. They are both going through a “growth spurt” at these ages, trying to come into their own and be their own person. Another similarity between toddlers and teenagers is that they push boundaries with authority. Toddlers are known for the word “no”. They must be told repetitively about something, yet they will still push to see how far they can go. This is the way toddlers learn. Teenagers also use the word “no” a lot because they feel superior to everything and everyone. They push boundaries as well but they know the consequences. They both have selective hearing, and choose to hear what they want. If they hear something they do not like, they both will throw a tantrum. Both toddlers and teenagers have a tendency to...
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