Compare Contrast the Han and Roman Empires

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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An empire is a major political unit having a territory of great extent or a number of territories or peoples under a single sovereign authority. Two very famous classical empires were the Roman in the Mediterranean from 27BCE to 476CE and the Han in East Asia from 206BCE to 220CE. Both of these empires utilize the policies and practices of previous political governments to help ensure their success. Overall, the empires showed more political, economic, and social factors for their rise and fall than points of difference. There were multiple similar factors that led to the social rise of the Roman and Han Empires. In the Roman Empire, there were the patron/client relationships which helped social welfare and brought loyalty to the upper classes from the lower ones. This relationship was similar to the Han Empire’s Confucianism which stressed order and hierarchy which strengthened the stability and loyalty to the government and the right and responsibilities of individuals. Another similar contributing factor to the empires’ success is that they both had the father of the household with absolute power; in Rome this was called the paterfamilias. Also in the Roman Empire there was the state religion worship of the emperor and the numinas. This is similar to the Han’s worship of the nature spirits and their ancestors, along with the practice of feng-shui and the Mandate of Heaven. In addition they both used literature and art to promote a common culture among conquered people. Both tried to assimilate different regions through language, dress, and migration of citizens, but Rome also extended citizenship to raise the loyalty to the government. The social fall of the Han and Roman Empires were equally similar as they were different. One of the main reasons that the Han fell was because the loyalty in the outer providences was difficult to maintain. In parallel fashion to the Han, the Roman Empire fell because its unwieldy size made assimilation harder and...
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