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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Question 1
Write down three points of contrast for each of the following topics. Then pick just ONE point of contrast and write a paragraph explaining that particular contrast. Use transitional expressions when necessary. 1) two close friends-Esha:Quiet, Shy, Short..Andrea: Tall, Outgoing, Goofy. 2) two church services

3) two holidays-Christmas: Jesus, December, Gifts...Easter:Jesus, Spring, Eggs 4) two sports teams-Miami Heat: NBA,Florida,Basketball..New York Giants:NFL, New York, Football 5) two attitudes toward work-Hardworker,on-time, socialable...slacker, late, rude

Question 2
Here are four topics for either contrast or comparison paragraphs. Compose two topic sentences for each topic; one for a possible contrast paragraph and one for a possible comparison paragraph. 1. Two members of my family..

-My mother and father are totally opposite when it comes to their personality. -The love and care my parents have for me and my brother is almost identical. 2. Two vacations.
-My 2012 vacation could never compare to the family vaction of 2008 to the Bahamas. -Spending time with family is always fun, vacations are always a great time to bond. 3. You as a child and you as an adults.

-My attitude and outlook on life has changed tremendously over the years. -Over the years, many things about me have changed except my looks. 4. Two teachers.
-Both Ms.Parker and Mr. Wimberly were great teachers who had different teaching styles. -Mr. Wimberly and Ms. Parker both were history teachers who liked to be involved in the classroom.
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