Compare Contrast Rome and China

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Compare and Contrast Classical World Essay

Rome and China were two of the most powerful civilizations in classical Europe and Asia and they lasted for hundreds of years. They controlled trade in the silk road, provided many contributions to modern life, and the classical world. Rome and China are very identical in the process of their collapse and emergence of new religions, yet they differ in the type of government they used.

Rome and China are alike in ways that they both fell due to external interactions and problems within the Empire. Both civilizations experienced nomadic invasions from Huns or nearby tribes. In Rome Germanic tribes were forced out by the Huns and had no choice but to move toward Rome. This forced them to hire mercenaries to protect Rome, adding tot the deficit. Roman leaders were weak and corrupt and focused heavily on pleasure seeking, instead of trying to improve Rome. Rich and powerful men could easily buy their way into the government. They spent money unwisely and could not collect tax from citizens efficiently, decreasing their funds. Weak emperors could not solve economic issues, and only offered solace by providing the poor with "bread and circuses" . In China officials could easily get family and relatives into power and order assassinations to acquire positions, which weakened the central government. Both empires had a wealthy aristocratic class and a poor peasant class that relied on agriculture. The social unfairness led to rebellions such as the yellow turbans and injured the relationship between the state and people. Since both civilizations were in constant contact with others either by trade or war, both empires suffered from plagues which wiped out a large amount of the population. With lack of people, the economy started to fall and social unrest rose. The combination of internal corruption and disorganization in conjunction of outside attacks were able to topple Rome and China. With all the turmoil many citizens...
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