Compare/Contrast Post Classical Civilizations of Western Europe and Sub Saharan Africa Socially, Politically, and Economically.

Topics: Sub-Saharan Africa, Africa, Christianity Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: November 11, 2010
PostClassical Western Europe and Post Classical SubSaharan Africa are two civilizations that had many similar and different customs and ways of life, some of which are still practiced today. These civilizations developed with little contact between each other and were extremely contrasting, and yet many similarities can be found between them. Even though they had differences, such as religions, origins, and organization, they are similar in many political, economical, and social aspects, such as in their unity, principles, and trade. Post Classical Western Europe and Post Classical Sub Saharan Africa had differences and similarities in their political organization. SSA used stateless societies, while manorialism and feudalism were used in Western Europe. Western Europe was unified and controlled by Christianity and the Catholic Church and Africa relied on their diverse societies and states that were not unified at all. Both civilizations had a single ruler who claimed to receive power and position from God, and also had city states ruled by regional rulers. As in other civilizations, rulers gained much more support if they followed the major religion in their area. They also had groups that helped rule, in Western Europe being the council of parliaments and in SSA the council of elders. These civilizations have political differences that set them apart, and even though they developed completely apart they also had many similar political aspects. Although Post Classical Western Europe and sub-saharan Africa civilizations were very similar economically, they also had differences. The civilizations’ economies developed through not only their economical organizations systems but also agriculture and trade, and that’s what they were based on. Markets were a big part of trade, and they had a big role in economic life. In both civilizations women were involved with trade and markets. Merchants, who in both civilizations had gained higher status (though for different...
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